ClearCut Medical MRI Platform

ClearCut Medical’s mission is to provide accurate tools for analysis of excised tissue parameters. ClearCut has developed a proprietary MRI technology for imaging and for the assessment of tissue microstructure.

ClearCut MRI technology can be used in a wide variety of applications to allow accurate tissue surface imagining. The developed system integrates State-of-the-Art MRI techniques and protocols into an innovative platform that enables optimized tissue assessment.

The system performs detailed tissue-microstructure analysis in real time. The novel MRI system is compact and affordable.  As a mobile system, it can be located in various sites of care, such as Operating Rooms, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC), Radiology and Pathology departments & physician offices.

The MRI technology becomes compact and affordable with the ClearsightTM system.

The ClearsightTM MRI System is a breakthrough technology with the utimate goal of improving patient care. The first clinical application being investigated is intraoperative excised tissue surface assessment for Breast Conserving Surgery.  ClearsightTM will be able to assess excised tissue in the operating room, providing real time information for immediate decision-making and action by the surgeon and pathologist.

The ClearSightTM MRI System provides real-time assessment of excised tissues

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