Company Profile

ClearCut Medical was established in 2010 to develop and commercialize its proprietary technology and tools for accurate and effective removal of cancer.

ClearCut’s platform technology is based on innovative Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging protocols that enable accurate and rapid surface imaging for real-time assessment of tissue microstructure in the operating room. Initial proof of concept has been established in a multi-center clinical trial evaluating samples from few dozen breast cancer patients. The results have shown over 90% Sensitivity and Specificity.

The company’s first product, The ClearSightTM MRI System is focused on breast cancer lumpectomy for intraoperative margin assessment of surgically removed lumps. By providing accurate, real-time margin analysis to the surgeon in the OR, the system is expected to significantly improve surgical outcomes and reduce re-excision rates.

Future applications include prostate cancer, breast cancer biopsies and skin cancer excisions as well as additional cancer applications including colorectal and lung cancers.